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<title>The HTML Sandbox</title>


We want you to fill this screen

It's easier than you think. We've prepared some code for you to copy and paste into the box to see what it does. Just scroll down to the next page.

Feel free to fiddle about with it and add your own stuff. That's how you learn. And that's what you'll be doing on the One Day Code School course.



HTML is where the content of your page lives. To get an idea of how it works, just copy the text below and paste it into the left-hand box in the top screen.

<h1>Understanding code is easier than you think</h1>
<p>All code follows a simple set of rules. And once you learn them, it all makes sense.</p> 
<p>Have a look at the HTML for this text and you'll see that each paragraph is sandwiched between a matching pair of tags (they're the commands that sit within the pointy brackets).</p>
<p>Each opening &#60;p&#62; tag is matched with a closing &#60;&#47;p&#62; tag. </p>
<p>If you open a tag, you need to close it.</p>
<p>And right there is the first thing you need to know about HTML.</p>
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The CSS defines the look of the page - the fonts, the text styling, the colours and the images. Replace the code in the box above with the code in the box below.

#background {
background-image: url(img/honey_im_subtle.png);}
#headline {
font-family: 'Pinyon Script', cursive;
#image {
#textbox {
font-family: 'Quattrocento Sans', sans-serif; 
font-size: 11pt; 
color: #333; 
line-height: 17pt;
<div id="background">
<h1 id="headline">Let's add some style</h1>
<div id="image"><img src="img/style.png"></div>
<span id="textbox">Just look at the background, the image, the nice fonts and the position of everything on the page! That was all done by the CSS between the &#60;style&#62; tags.</br></br>Have a play with the code and see what happens.</span>
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Try javascript

If you want to add functionality into your page, you use javascript. Here's a little example to show you how easy it can be. Just copy and paste like before.

<div id="jsbg"> 
<h1 id="jshead">I've got a quick question</h1></br>
<button id="jsbutton" class="jsbutton" onclick="myFunction()">Click here to answer</button>
<div id="jstextblock">
<span id="jsdemo"></span>
function myFunction() {
var x;
var name=prompt("What's your name","Type your name in here, baby!");
if (name!=null)
  x="Hi there " + name + "!</br>See that stuff in between the &#60;script&#62; tags? </br>Well that's javascript. It created the dialogue box that popped up. And <em>you</em> were the one who put it into a webpage. Congratulations!</br>Just imagine what you could do after <em><strong>One&nbsp;Day&nbsp;Code&nbsp;School</strong></em>."; document.getElementById("jsdemo").innerHTML=x;
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A quick outline

  • How the web works
  • Where web pages live and how to access them
  • Understanding the source code of a web page
  • The vocabulary and grammar of HTML
  • Styling the content of a web page
  • How to carry out HTML editing
  • HTML5 - What’s all the fuss about?
  • What are Cascading Style Sheets?
  • What a style sheet looks like
  • How CSS can dramatically change a website
  • From style to interaction - the future of CSS3
  • Javascript - adding functionality to the web
  • What it looks like and how to understand it
  • How to add javascript to your web page
  • A look at other web development languages
  • An explanation of jargon
  • An overview of browsers and their differences
  • Understanding browser compatibility
  • A look at browser testing tools
  • Understanding how developers work
  • How to talk to and brief developers
  • Then you'll create your very own webpage!

Plus you get:

  • A printed book of the course
  • Web resources to return to

Book now!

Tell me more about
One Day Code School

If you have anything to do with the internet in your day job, this course will change your life. It's the equivalent of visiting a foreign country with a grasp of conversational language, an understanding of the culture, some mosquito repellent and a handy guide on what's the best food to eat.

In just eight hours (including lunch!) we'll teach you how to structure, style and add functionality to a webpage using the languages of HTML, CSS and javascript. We give you all the tools you need to do that for free. And we do it all in a non-intimidating, entertaining way.

At the end of the day, you'll have a good understanding of how to build a webpage, an understanding of what's possible online and better knowledge of how to deal with developers.

It's not all talk; the entire day is fully interactive. We've created a suite of tools that you'll be using to play with live code in a safe and simple way.

And when the day is done, you'll get our brilliant little book to remind you of everything you learned during the course.